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that back up

Prevent accidents.
Save lives.
Reduce risks.

Do you know,
how sleepy he is?

Our core technology can evaluate it. ActiTrack is able to recognize drowiness, distraction, critical life events, and intoxication, and acts accordingly. ActiTrack works in the background,
without interfering with actions of the operator and without Internet connection.


The camera that knows it all

We can make cameras smart. Our algorythms provide online analysis of behaviour, facial gesture and psychophysiological biomarkers of fatigue, drowsiness and intoxication.

Our machines can also detect foreign persons and atypical activity in the cabin.


Our application

We constantly perfect our core technology while producing applied solutions for our partners in different fields of industry. Statisticaly, >20% of alll road accidents are caused by fatigue.

For us, 20% is an unacceptable figure.

Supported by:

SAP CIS Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises Russian Venture Company NVIDIA

Start preventing accidents
instead of investigating them

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